Françoise Leblond reveals an unexpected facet of contemporary art with its playful and moving side. From an immediate approach, she cleverly erases all the labels. In her paintings "Poetic Abstraction", Françoise Leblond impresses with her personal touch her poetic universe whose spontaneity of gesture is her own signature.

It is the invitation of dreams on canvas, his work reflects his imagination and is illustrated by a tender and poetic universe.
A remarkable colourist, she proposes a falsely naive world where floats in a harmonious universe, characters and animals.
His work mixes in a happy round of fantastic creatures.
Everything here is happy and invites to enter with the artist in his solar dance.

In her anthropomorphic paintings, she stages cats with freedom, humor and cheerfulness.
Discreet by nature, but always daring in her way of revisiting the paintings of great masters, she plays the rules of classical art as questions of contemporary art, but always with a sense of aesthetics.
Her stylized cat sculptures, sometimes wise, sometimes playful, have the art of escaping all ulterior motives. They go right to your heart, because that's where their strange, spellbinding power lies. They defy balance and seem to float in a dream, richly tinged with colors, patterns and figures whose strength of composition gives us unexpected emotions.